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Making Rose Petal Perfume in 3 simple steps

Making rose petal perfume with my children this week brought back so many memories of my childhood. We wandered around a local rose garden and had great fun smelling the different roses and talking about which was our favourite.

Making petal perfume wasn't something we had planned to do so we improvised quite a bit with the method and made it very simply. That being said it turned out beautifully scented and they packaged it up as a gift for their Nonna when she came to visit. Here are the three simple steps we followed to make our own rose petal perfume!!

1. Collect petals

We collected a large variety of petals from the floor and took them home to gently rinse off any dirt. The strongest smelling were the Gertrude Jekyll petals, they were absolutely beautiful but we weren't fussy and we ended up with a good selection of different ones! 

2. Mix in jar with water.

We put a cup of washed petals in a jar and added a cup of tap water. Articles that I have read suggest using distilled water and some suggest using alcohol to help bland the oil from the petals into the water. However, we just wanted to have some fun with the fragrance and work together to make an easy, nice scented blend. We closed the lid of the jar, gave it a good shake and left the mixture overnight. 



3. Strain through cheese cloth

Secure a piece of cheese cloth with an elastic band and after giving the petals an extra squash with a spoon, strain the liquid into a pouring jug. I didn't have any cheese cloth so I used a scrap of material which worked fine for us! 

Ta Da!! There you have it, your very own rose petal perfume! Decant into a spray bottle or small container and enjoy the fresh floral scent! I used a glass perfume bottle that caught my eye in a charity shop a few weeks ago and I knew it would come in handy! Some suggest adding a drop or two of rose essential oil though ours really didn't need it, we weren't trying to create the next Chanel with this one, just having fun exploring with nature and a little bit of science!