Nine creative ways to reuse your Mellow Moon glass jar

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Mellow Moon celebrates the fact that the glass Classic Jar can be recycled or reused once the candle has been burned. So what does this mean? If you don't want to put your container in the recycling bin there are plenty other ways you can stay green by reusing your glass. Here are no less than NINE creative ways to reuse your Mellow Moon glass jar!! Once your candle is finished simply empty the rest of the wax out using the incredibly simple freezer method explained here:

Now your jar is ready to reuse! Simply wash with warm soapy water and have a look at these ideas for some inspiration for our zero waste goals!

1. Bathroom Accessories Jar

Bathroom jar

Your bathroom shelf will look super stylish with your bathroom accessories in a Mellow Moon glass jar! If you are aspiring to really raise that zero waste bar then reusable facepads could be stored here instead of cotton balls! 

2. Flower Jar

 Mini flower jar

Turn your empty jar into a flower vase! The jar isn't the tallest so I tied my bunch with a little string to arrange the flowers evenly around the glass, smaller flowers and thinner stems are easier!

3. Pencil Pot

Upcucled pencil pot

The jar can be a handy storage container on your desk for pencils or stationary! 

4. Happy Jar

Happy jar

Write down something that has made you happy each day until you have filled your used mellow moon jar full of things you can be grateful for! 🌼🌼 This is right up my street, I've even made some as gifts for close friends of mine!

5. Luminary Jar

Luminary jar

Simply place some wire fairy lights inside the jar to add some warmth and sparkle to your shelf! 

6. Receipt Jar

Receipt Jar

I keep all my receipts for proof of postage and if I don't stick them in this jar as soon as I get them, they can sit around in the pockets of my bags for weeks without me filing them! Thank goodness for these little glass jars to keep me organised!

7. Treat Jar

 Treat Jar

Little treat jar for the kids, oh alright then I might just have one or two! 😂

8. Reward Jar

Reward Jar

Here's a reward jar for each time the kiddos do something great, when the jar is full they get a treat! My little ones' school collect 'pasta points' so they were keen to have the same theme at home but you could use glass beads, buttons, pom poms etc! 

9. Foil Collection Jar

Foil collection jar

It's easy to let small foil wrappers get mixed up with the non recyclable rubbish but as long as they are clean, they can go in the recycling! Easter is a great time of year for me to keep a foil jar on my kitchen side, with all the chocolate hanging around the place I'm keeping all the wrappers together to make a decent size foil ball for the recycling bin so the smaller pieces aren't missed when I bin them.