How to choose the right fragrance online


I admit it. I'm ever so slightly addicted to online shopping! But when it comes to buying scented products, how can you choose with confidence without smelling it first?

Here are 5 tips to finding the perfect candle or home fragrance product online.


1. Look for similar fragrances you tend to buy. You might mostly go for fruity fragrances or woody ones, or there might be an ingredient that comes up consistently in your favourite candles or perfumes. My favourite perfumes typically have bergamot in the top notes and so I use this as a starting point if I'm browsing online for fragrances. Read the description, have a look at the top, middle and base notes and see which ingredients jump out at you as being your go to scent.

2. Check reviews. Customers can give some useful insights in how strong they have found the scent throw or if it reminds them of a similar fragrance.

3. Consider gift packs with a range of fragrances included. They are likely to be smaller in size than purchasing one individual candle, but you will get to smell a few different scents before 

4. Will the colour and design look right in your home? On more than one occasion I've bought a candle based on the look of the jar because it matches my decor. If it's for a gift, it's safest to go minimal but if it's for yourself you might have a specific colour or style in mind.

5. Consider how the product comes wrapped and presented. If it's a present for someone, something already in a gift box and nicely presented is just great. Otherwise it's worth adding into your budget the cost of gift wrap or a nice gift  bag. As much as I enjoy wrapping presents, with the best of intentions at Christmas, I always end up wrapping more than a few gifts last minute on Christmas Eve. One less off that list is a winner for me! 


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