Setting new standards in artisan home fragrance: Copper & Amyris


One of the best things about this new fragrance is how it was created! The story begins a few months ago when an independent London perfumer shared his vision with a network of candle makers. He wanted to create a fragrance that had the true essence of an artisan product. Not designed using a restrictive database of pence per gram, but based on respect for precious oils and extracts, many considered too expensive for home fragrance by the mass market.  Harry Sherwood of Artifiscent asked a few candle makers to describe their ideal fragrance for this time of year. And I am so glad to tell you that I was one of those few! Here's a sneak peak of which scent notes were our favourites.

Our thoughts were gathered and analysed, and our fragrance specialist got to work on creating the scent we were asking for.  Now this is where it really gets exciting!! Over the coming weeks, we received a sample of the scent and, WOW, were we hooked! Our network blew up with comments. Here are some of the instant reactions:

"I was instantly smitten! It's HEAVENLY.. IMO it has everything. It's both rich and luxurious, and will appeal to both men and women."

"Love it! Well done!! It's a blend like no other. This is EXCITING."

"I'm ADDICTED to this, I have my sample near my computer and the smell is just heavenly"

Fair to say we were astounded by this new blend!

 SO what makes this fragrance different?

WELL!!! Let me tell you! Sherwood, first trained in fine perfumery, giving Copper & Amyris a very distinct style that you won't find in other artisan candles. His knowledge of essential oils, blended with expertise in perfumery makes for something special. SO WHAT'S IN IT?? I hear you ask! Here some of the key ingredients..

FRANKINCENSE.  Sought after since ancient times, and for good reason! One of the most precious essential oils, this rich, woody scent promotes feelings of peace, relaxation and wellness.
LABDANUM.  From rock rose, this ambery, woody essential oil creates an amber note in perfumery to give an extra warmth. It's lovely rich golden colour has given the blend a copper hue.
AMYRIS.  Also known as West Indian Sandalwood. This originates from Haiti and is steam distilled from the wood of a tree. Used for relaxation and to reduce anxiety, this calming, sweet woody scent is found in the base of Copper & Amyris.
You'll also find rose absolute, juniper and sweet orange along with a few other complimentary extracts and fragrance notes. 

I am so grateful to such a talented perfumer for creating this bespoke fragrance with the artisan community. And if you want your own bespoke perfume or candle fragrance I very much recommend checking Harry Sherwood out.

Mellow Moon's Copper & Amyris is available now online 




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