Copper & Amyris Triple Wick Candle
Copper & Amyris Triple Wick Candle

Copper & Amyris Triple Wick Candle

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Copper & Amyris Natural Soy and Rapeseed wax triple wick candle has been designed in collaboration with an independent fragrance designer. His background in fine perfumery and vast knowledge of essential oils have merged together to create a truly unique fragrance.

This is a warming fragrance, perfect to create the right ambience on wintry days and for nights when it's freezing outside and you're wrapped up cosy by the fire, favourite drink in hand.

Here's a note from our perfumer on creating this wintry fragrance:

"I wanted to think of this smell in a very realistic way - the clash of hearth smells with the fruitiness of port; the scent of dry paper against wet snowflakes hitting the windows. I was keen to stay away from the typical cinnamon accords, instead choosing to blend cassia bark with incense (Boswellia Seratta), clove bud, Curcuma and cashmere materials. The fragrance is quite complex and definitely not 'minimalist' - I wanted to suggest abundance and elegance."

More on some of the ingredients:

  • FRANKINCENSE: Sought after since ancient times, and for good reason!, this is one of the most precious essential oils. This rich, woody scent promotes feelings of peace, relaxation and wellness.
  • LABDANUM: From rock rose, this has an ambery, woody fragrance and creates an amber note in perfumery to give an extra warmth. It's lovely rich golden colour has made the diffuser blends come out a copper colour!
  • AMYRIS: Also known as West Indian Sandalwood. This originates from Haiti and is steam distilled from the wood of a tree. Used for relaxation and to reduce anxiety, this calming, sweet woody scent is found in the base of Copper & Amyris.
  • You'll also find rose absolute, juniper and sweet orange in the blend along with a few other complimentary extracts and fragrance oils.

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