At Mellow Moon there are plenty reasons to feel mellow...

Sustainability is the future.

Mellow Moon uses natural wax, a sustainable alternative to crude oil derived paraffin that supports the global farming industry. The plant waxes we use are biodegradable and contain no pesticides or herbicides. Once the fragrance has gone from your wax melt, you can put the remaining wax in your green bin to compost. Our eco diffusers are 80% natural with a base which is sustainable and renewable.

Jars that can be used again and again and again..

Once you have 1cm of wax left in the bottom of your jar it's time to say goodbye to your Mellow Moon candle. Don't be too sad though, because now you can re-purpose or recycle your jar! Our favourite way to pull out that last bit of wax is to pop the jar in the freezer for a few minutes. The wax will contract and pull away slightly from the container allowing it to come out more easily. Mellow Moon reuses packing materials as often as possible. 

Kindness makes the world go round..

All of our products are cruelty free and contain no animal derived ingredients. Therefore all of our candles, melts and diffusers are suitable for vegans. The plants used for our waxes are grown without pesticides or herbicides and we source our ingredients responsibly.