Copper & Amyris Luxury Wax Melts
Copper & Amyris Luxury Wax Melts

Copper & Amyris Luxury Wax Melts


*REFILL POUCHES now available. These bags contain 3 of the large round melts for £5

Copper & Amyris Natural Soy wickless candles. This scent has been designed by an independent perfumer. His background in fine fragrance and vast knowledge of essential oils have merged together to create an exquisite scent.

This is a warming scent, perfect to create the right ambiance on wintry days and for nights when it's freezing outside and you're wrapped up cosy by the fire, favourite drink in hand.

These are wax melts and are for use in a melt warmer. Melt warmer not included and can be purchased separately in our wax melts section.

ingredients working in harmony

Scent notes..

Copper & Amyris Diffuser

Top Notes:

  • Paper
  • Charred wood
  • Iris

Middle Notes:

  • Incense
  • Cashmere
  • Clovebud
  • Port

Base Notes:

  • Nagarmotha
  • Guaiacwood
  • Labdanum
  • Musk

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